Accentuating Stewardship


As the winter weather is impacting the midwest U.S. and future systems are slated to challenge our Kentucky farms over the coming days, it was nice to stop by the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) Convention in Lexington, KY earlier today. We became Life Members of KCA and a Charter Member of the Simpson County Cattlemen’s Association when tending a commercial cow-calf heard over 20 years ago. Until you’ve chopped ice on a pond, helped deliver a calf in sub-freezing temperatures, or simply dealt with keeping the herd fed, it’s hard to appreciate the commitment of our beef producers. Over the past year, I was blessed to visit with government officials and a beef manager in Eswatini and help host a delegation of Charolais executives from Australia, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa in Kentucky. One of the highlights of the KY tour was visiting Eden Shale Farm in Owen County. Our guests were very impressed with the practical, common-sense technologies being implemented at the farm. To hear more about the Charolais tour, checkout the following Charolais USA podcast:—Tim-Hughes-e2c748s/a-aakui3p

Eswatini Research Farm

Eden Shale Tour

Accentuating Stewardship

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